VH-P12 Laser Green Pointer

VH-P12 Laser Green Pointer

A laser pointer that usually represents the output power of a milliwatt (mW). Lasers in the United States are classified by the American national standards institute and the food and drug administration (FDA).

Laser output power 1-5mw, class 3A or IIIa.Class 3B or IIIb lasers produce 5 to 500mW; The stage 4 or fourth laser produces more than 500mW. FDA federal regulations state that "demonstration laser products" must meet applicable requirements for class I, IIA, or IIIA device.

‚óŹ Product usage

Teacher/lecturer - for classroom teaching, it is like an infinite extension of the pointer, so that you can easily point at the blackboard in any corner of the classroom, is absolutely the right hand of teachers!

Business person/conference speaker - for product presentations and conference presentations, make your presentation spontaneous and communicate with customers more easily and naturally.

Exhibition hall/tour guide - it can help you easily and accurately indicate your goals when you are at your fingertips.

Backcountry traveler/explorer - used for backcountry exploration, indicating distant targets and sending distress signals to make your trip happier and safer.

For astrologists, the green laser beam is a beautiful green line that can be used to point out stars at night.

Construction site/quarry - used to accurately indicate buildings from a distance, avoiding proximity to dangerous areas and making them look like sites from a distance of kilometers.