Special Design for Laser RGB - VH-525 Green 5 Lines – JIABEI

VH-525 Green 5 Lines

● Features

1. Five green lines: horizontal line cross vertical  line, four vertical lines make 90° angle, down dot.

2. Self-leveling, light flashing when out of range.

3. Laser Level can rotate 360°, can adjust slightly.

● Optional Products

1. 4200mAh Power Bank

2. Green Receiver & Clamp

3. Wall Bracket

4. 1.2M Tripod

● Includes

1. Case

2. Laser level

3. Battery box

4. Glasses

5. Instruction Manual

1.The Laser is a multi-function green 5 line level,it one Horizontal with fore line and can be used in outdoors with a 300Hz receiver to receive green beam at  distance of 80M。

2.This laser has two power supply modes, including a power bank supply with multi-function an OLED display, It can be display temperature, operating current, residual capacity, residual service time and mobile phone to charging etc with can using 4 AA batteries for power supply.

3.The VH-525 laser green 5 line, it can work at any height using The large wall hanger with N40 magnet can be fixed at any height and a 360-degree rotating base can be used with the laser level with .use the tripod

4.The laser beam is manufactured with the wavelength of Osram laser diode at 525 nm, and all of using the aspheric glass lens for focusing,, the laser line is uniform with bright.